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ICT & Clean Technology Trade Mission Serbia

As part of the very informative trip to Serbia and Montenegro, it was an eye-opening at the immense opportunities existing in the Balkan region. The trip was very well organized by the Dept. of Commerce. The immense effort to detail was apparent in the smooth running of a large number of meetings and trips undertaken over 5 days in both countries.

The Embassy(s) in Serbia & Montenegro played a very proactive role in creating a dialogue with relevant stakeholders in business, government, and academia to establish collaboration opportunities in both countries.

A great shout out to the very proactive American ambassador(s) in both Serbia Mr.Christopher Hill & in Montenegro Ms. Judy Reinke who along with the team from Commerce created a very focused productive 5 days for the mission trip.

#Serbiaopportunities, #montenegro & thank you #franzeyssallane, #rachelduran, #kennethhaynes,#Anastasiamukhejee,#BorisPopovski,#GordanaBorac, #Milenalabovic & Team from trade.Gov & #departmentofCommerce. #trademission #businessopportunity #collaboration

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