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Innovation Empowering Batteries

About us

Quantum Copper is an emerging global supplier of high-performing fire-retardant components for Batteries. 


At present, Quantum Copper is focused on providing innovative lightweight and fire-retardant alternatives in the separators, current collectors, and casings space, based on halogen-free ionic polymers to enhance the fire safety of lithium-ion batteries. Our solutions are aimed at addressing the market needs for battery packs used in EVs, Utilities, eVTOLS, Electronics, Wearables Industrial applications​.



Our vision is to enhance the fire safety of energy storage devices via state-of-the-art sustainable solutions.


Develop self-extinguishing non-halogen polymers that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly and suitable for energy storage applications

Our Strategy

Leveraging University partnerships to create new fire-retardant products in different markets such as wearable electronics, textile fabrics, wood, paint timber, and other industrial sectors. We are currently engaged with several leading universities to unlock the power of our polymers use cases.

For each core activity where the polymer could make an impact, we will deploy all the resources accessible to develop world class solutions. Fire-safety is at the center of our activities. The main objective is to co-operate with members of the value chain including industry organizations involved in the use of non-halogenated flame retardants in order to communicate the advantages of the flame retardants technology for the safe use of otherwise easily flammable materials.

The strategy is to build products that form an essential part of environmentally compatible fire safety solutions and share the common concept of an ideal flame retardant as one which:

• Is non-toxic to humans, animals and plants

• Minimizes the release of toxic or corrosive gasses in the case of fire

• Degrades or remains neutral for the environment

Experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in diverse industries have come together to make an impact in the Fire Prevention Industry. We are bringing over 200-man years of entrepreneurial experience to create this impact.


We are building a world-class team of polymer scientists, textile engineers, fire retardant specialists and savvy business executives to build an innovative, environmentally focused company leveraging the learnings of the last forty years to mitigate damage to the planet

Our Strengths


To leverage the best talent in the world, using environmentally friendly chemicals to create and provide safer fire retardant solutions.


We believe in building simple, cost-effective solutions.


We believe that we should own and control the basic technologies we produce.


We will participate in solutions where we can make a positive contribution.


We will focus on the few ideas that are truly important and meaningful to us.


We will deeply engage in deep collaboration with diverse stakeholders.


We will try to achieve excellence in the company and have the honesty to admit when we are wrong and the courage to change.

Our Values



What we think is what we say, what we say is what we do. Complete alignment of thoughts, words, and deeds. This is complete transparency.


Taking full responsibility for what we do.

Taking the initiative to solve our customers’ issues at all times.


Be grateful for everything that anyone does for us and give them credit for it. This requires humility to accept that one can achieve nothing without the support of many others


Recognize that it is a DECISION and not a CONSEQUENCE. Decide to remain happy irrespective of circumstances and deal with the problems head-on as they appear.

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