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Technologies with heat dissipation & fire-retardant capabilities is being developed worldwide. Current solutions to lower fire risk include the use of materials with fire-retardant capabilities.

Unfortunately, most of the solutions available have drawbacks:

  • Harming the environment – especially soil and water

  • Poisonous to people – which includes adverse health effects

  • Limited effectiveness in preventing fire


Our Solutions

Quantum Connector has partnered with a team of scientists at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and at University of Liege,  University of California to develop environmentally friendly  Advanced Copper Connector polymer solutions.


Using this polymer as a coating that may be layered on any surface, the polymer may be used in:


  • EV battery 

  • Electronics

  • Wearables


It may be used to enhance the fire retardancy properties of other industrial polymer composites as an additive.  Our studies have shown that Quantum Copper polymer additives may create an effective retardant barrier, slowing initial burning and preventing re-ignition.


Easy to use

Efficient barrier to oxygen


Quantum Copper Polymer Benefits

Used to modify
& upgrade existing
fire-retardant systems.


Suppression of
toxic & flammable volatiles

Prolongs Structural Integrity

Environmentally friendly compared with existing FR solutions


To save the environment,
people, properties from catching fire, 
Quantum Copper comes

up with world-class polymer solutions.

Copper Connectors on

Fire-retardant is introduced in Lithium-ion batteries by using current collectors made of polymer mixed with fire-retardant and then coated with copper or aluminum. Fire safety is much improved as the current collectors self-extinguish if a fire is started. The resulting batteries are also lighter, beneficial for EV vehicles, and stand-alone storage. ​

Current collectors are built using polymer mixed with fire-retardant, then coated with Cu or Al. The resulting current collectors provide superior fire safety as the current collectors self-extinguish if ever an afire is started. 

Electrical properties through the thin Cu/Al coating provide similar if not better performance in terms of charging/discharging and storage capacity. Compared to commercially available current collectors using Cu/Al film, dead weights are lessened resulting in lighter current collectors by 16-20%. The lighter weight translates to lighter batteries, which is beneficial to EV vehicles, as well as stand-alone storage. 

The polymer/fire-retardant is encapsulated in the Cu/Al coating. Any negative reaction between the current collectors and the electrolyte is avoided. 

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