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Current Collector

Lithium-ion batteries are the ultra-modern power source for most consumer electronic devices. Current collectors are essential components that connect lithium-ion batteries to external circuits, greatly influencing the capacity, rate capability, and long-term stability of lithium-ion batteries. Conventional current collectors, Al and Cu foils, have been used since the first commercial lithium-ion battery, and the thickness of these current collectors has decreased over the last two decades to increase energy density.


Alternative materials and structures, as well as specific treatments such as etching and carbon coating, have been investigated to improve the electrochemical stability and electrical conductivity of current collectors for next-generation lithium-ion batteries with higher capacities and longer service lifetime.


 We at Quantum Copper have developed an innovative current collector made of copper coated polymer that is essentially both lighter in weight and has self-extinguishing nature. Our current collector will significantly increase both the safety and energy density of the batteries 

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