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Battery Separator

Battery Separator

A battery separator is a polymeric membrane that sits between the positively charged anode and the negatively charged cathode of a battery. This positioning aids in the prevention of electrical short circuits.

When the electrolyte moistens the membrane, it acts as a catalyst, increasing the movement of ions from one electrode to the other. When the battery is fully charged, ions move from the cathode to the anode, and when the battery is discharged, ions move from the anode to the cathode. Because the membrane regulates the number of ions that move between terminals, it is also in charge of the battery's charge and discharge under ideal conditions. While battery separators let free ion passage, they are not electrically conductive. 

However, failure of battery separator would result in short-circuits thereby fire and explosion of batteries. further, In a battery system, a battery separator is the first element to fail and result in fires.


We at Quantum Copper, have developed a battery separator that would self-extinguish resulting in a safer battery. In case of battery failure and event the occurrence of fire,  the self-extinguishing nature of our polymer will prevent further spread of fire preventing further damage.

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