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THE WORLD’S Next Generation Fire Retardant solution for battery applications

We are an emerging global supplier of high-performing fire-retardant components for Batteries.

Fire-Retardant Materials:

The Quantum Copper Story

The Battery
of the future

What we do?

  • Develop high-performing, lightweight and fire-retardant components such as separators, current collectors and casings based on a halogen free self-extinguishing polymer at competitive prices.

  • Enhance the performance of our existing products through continuing research and development.

  • Expand the use of our products to new applications at industrial scale.

  • Continue to develop technologies and solutions that focus on preventing fires

How we do it?

  • By collaborating with leading scientists in the field from academia and industries across the globe to build state-of-the-art solutions.

  • We have identified & are collaborating with researchers globally using leading-edge innovation to manufacture scalable solutions. 

  • Helping customers to develop fire safe batteries for electric vehicle  Electronics, Wearables, & Industrial verticals

Why choose us?

  • Halogen-free, environmentally friendly, fire-retardant solutions in various forms such as separators, current collectors, and battery packaging casing products

  • Our innovative Fire-retardant solutions will enable our customers to differentiate their business with new capabilities

  • Helping customers to develop fire safe batteries for electric vehicle  Electronics, Wearables, & Industrial verticals

We are an emerging global supplier of high performing fire-retardant components.

Quantum Copper is an emerging global supplier of high-performing fire-retardant components for Batteries. At present, Quantum Copper is focused on providing innovative lightweight and fire-retardant alternatives in the separators, current collectors, and casings space, based on halogen-free ionic polymers to enhance the fire safety of lithium-ion batteries. Our solutions are aimed at addressing the market needs for battery packs used in EVs, Utilities, eVTOLS, Electronics, Wearables Industrial applications.

Electrochemical energy storage devices, such as fuel cells, batteries, and supercapacitors, are currently used in many sectors for both storing energy and powering mobile devices. These products pose severe fire risks in case of failure causing life threats to humans. Hence, reliable fire-safety solutions for these products are highly critical and are the need of the hour.

Fire-Safety Solutions: Essential for Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

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